Saturday, December 5, 2015

Share #24: Chicken soup with spinach & lemon

Scott and I are helping Alexis today. Alexis is a wood restoration expert. This means I'll be around people for much of the day. Easy meals. Straight away, when we arrived at Alexis' house, she fed us, elegant chicken soup with spinach and lemon. She knows about MyShare and wants to support me. She suspected I might be hungry. I was. I'd brought a pecan roll to split with Scott. The rest of the afternoon was spent outside setting up a very large event tent in the freezing cold. The directions say you want 8-12 people to assemble it. We were 2 and succeeded. This tent will cover the reclaimed fir beams Alexis is finishing next month.

Tuesday, fast upon the heels of Monday, in late November. Another day with Scottie and Alexis building a scaffolding to hold the wood. More easy food. Ahh. And sigh. Does this constitute a share? I am not counting it as a share.

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