Sunday, December 6, 2015

Share #30: Bacon and eggs and kale

Angelina and I are sharing a breakfast today. Breakfast is coming back to me. I do love breakfast. I was beginning to wait for her at 10am when I hoped she would arrive. I felt hungry enough then, but she didn't arrive until later. I felt like a dog that knows about when meal time is and who gets perky and paces and reminds its owner it's time, it's time, to feed me, feed me. I should have gone to the paint store.

When Angelina arrived, she mixed up her yogurt. That was my cue to eat mine. It had been sitting out since 10. She started to cook bacon and kale and eggs and poured a glass of carrot orange juice for me. Wow!!!! Wake up, mouth!

In the midst of all this, we were dealing with a host of work issues. Trying to match colors, determining the strength of dye to be used. This work requires important and new decisions all along the way and everything is based on a a set of eyes or a few sets of eyes and the available light. We are dying long fir boards and beams, trying to match a sample. Not all the wood is reacting the same way. Some is lighter and some is darker. The thicknesses and grains are different. But it must all be matched. Our discussion delays breakfast. It's smelling so good in there. The dogs and I are tuned in.

After many photos and texts and phone calls and decisions, we at last sat down to dine. Colorful and fatty. Rich and abundant. I didn't begin to brush the 2nd coat of dye into the boards until 1pm. With the sun setting at 4, this means I'll work til after dark.

In my work, I want to know what I am doing and to be able do it. In my art, I want to not know what I am doing and do it and, by doing it, find out what I am doing. I want to listen to my work, hear what it says. I set up impossible or near impossible tasks. I set up situations in which to not know myself, and perhaps to never know myself, and then I investigate them. This is one of the differences between my life and my art.

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