Saturday, December 5, 2015

Share #25: Thanksgiving Day

It is Thursday 26 November, Thanksgiving day. I had plans to join a friend in West Seattle for her family dinner, but then I liked the idea of getting out of the city too and going for a walk in the woods. Scottie needs to spend time in spaces where the vibrations are high, in places that are aligned, in harmony, unjumbled. Old growth forest works. My body appreciates those places too, but I'm not yet crystallized and have such a soft center I can and try to find the sky and earth wherever I am. I love myself for being at sea. Thank you Thaddeus.

We took the doggies, Mona and Maddie, to Tiger Mountain. It was frosty and foggy and cold and damp, but then the sun came out and instant relief! We went up Adventure Trail and came down High School Trail, then drove to Renton for Thanksgiving dinner at his sister's. Scott's mother and her partner, his father and his father's wife, his two sisters and his niece were there. Mona Maddie were given free reign to wander the house and garnered turkey treats in the kitchen.

There were four pies, two kinds of gravy, ambrosia salad, stuffing and the most delicious turkey. It was a fabulous meal. After dinner, I did the dishes. The others cleaned up before the meal.

My own mother took the train from Philly to New York to be with my brother, who called me and left me a message. There are two in my immediate family. When one or more doesn't show, there is one or none. He said he wished I were there. My low vibrating self heard that as the right thing to say, but doubted it was true. My low vibrating self realizes they will have a more pleasant and enjoyable time without me. For that I must love myself. If Thanksgiving were Thankstaking, I would be better at taking what I need, forgiveness.

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