Sunday, December 6, 2015

Share #29: An upscale burger & upscale fries with a moderate wine

Breakfast with Alexis. I am grateful for this meal. A late morning, thoughtful, calming meal, informal and comfy. Alexis offers me ginger tea with warm milk and honey. It is her signature drink and is taken every day, at a specific time.

Scott is coming to help with a doggy so I can be with Alexis and focused on wood. Alexis is going to California tomorrow, to celebrate her mother's 90th birthday!

After the rain and the rain dogs, we shared a glass of happy hour wine and a kobe burger at a local bistro. Aioli dipping sauce. I cleaned my plate except for a hunk of meat, which will go to a good dog.

Tonight is my first night alone in an awfully agreeable house. A clean bright space. An airy, warm, woody home. I sat on the petting couch with the dogs petting them. I stared off into space. I fell asleep sitting up, waiting for the energy to get up and move. I still need to drive across town to let the cat in. I took a hot shower. I applied lotion. I laundered my clothes. I drank warm vanilla milk. Then I drove across town. The cat was in. I thought he had wanted out this morning. He did not want out now, but wanted love. I gave him some. I fed him and cleaned his water bowl and played some music and watered and fed the chicken. All is well. It is predicted to rain everyday this week. A good day to stay in.

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