Saturday, November 7, 2015

Share #12: Fruit juice in hand blown glasses and a goat cheese and salami sandwich

It was 2pm. I hadn't eaten. I made a salami, butter and goat cheese sandwich, cut it into three pieces and put each in a bag. I bagged some chips. I was putting together a lunch so I could find someone to share it with. So far as I knew, there was no hope of eating otherwise. I was headed for Ballard. I figured I'd find somebody in front of the Post Office or outside Ballard Market or Trader Joe's or under the bridge. We know where they are.

My morning plans feel through. I woke up late, missed my meditation. I felt worse than yesterday. Sore throat, sore head. I was late for my afternoon meeting. That friend was called away then and so it fell through too. I took a bath then realized how hungry I was.

On my way out the door, Marcia texted me. She was in her studio with friends. I was welcome to stop by. Ah to be taken in!!!! Marcia lives five blocks from where I am staying. I drove to the Green Market to supplement the supplies. I bought fruit juice, an avocado, a grapefruit and a brownie.

I arrived in the rain and walked down the magnolia leaf strewn drive to her garage studio. Siam Thai Restaurant, that's what the neon sign on her studio says. It's a real restaurant sign she bought at an auction.

Marcia was inside with Laura, a friend and neighbor. Laura found Marcia the same way I did. She saw a sign for a Glass Art Sale and followed it in. Rhonda, another friend, joined us. It was gray day with rain, but in here we were surrounded by brilliant purple and blue and orange glass. Marcia's studio draws in a lot of very strong, healthy, supportive, creative and globally active women.

I pulled out my goodies and opened the juice. Marcia offered four of her artisan glasses to drink from. She makes gorgeous drinking glasses called Wileyware. I've bought and given many glasses to family and to friends as wedding gifts. She sells her glasses at the Ballard Market and at craft fairs across the country. She also offers kids glass classes and makes glass jewelry and that's just the start. Her creativity stretches into the world in many ways. She's got an alter ego names Miss Direction who locates lone women at bus stops and offers them rides across town in exchange for their story. "Hello, my name is Miss Direction. I'm a public servant in the city of Seattle. My goal is to transform the mundane."

Our little group spent the next few hours encouraging one another, listening and talking about life and transitions, while Marcia reorganized her sewing supplies. I was so thankful for the brightness in there.
It often seems that bodies that need each other, are brought together. It especially seemed that way with Laura and Rhonda. Rhonda had so many insights to offer and who wouldn't take them from such a glowing, expanded being? Rhonda, Marcia explained to us, is the woman responsible for the stencils we see around town on street drains, "Drains to Sound / Dump no Trash (with a fish stencil)." I've often seen the brilliance in those signs, showing us, with one image, the connection between our actions and our living world.

As I was leaving, Marcia offered me some of her mushroom tonic. She filled a little glass bottle with some homemade shiitake mushroom tonic. I should take two droppers full twice a day, in water, until I am well. It is strong immune tonic. Talk about healing!

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