Friday, November 6, 2015

Share #7: Hot toddy, happy hour.

I'd hardly eaten. It was nearly dinner. I was getting really hungry, but still coughing, a series of short dry coughs every few seconds. Funny, the sorting one goes through when one needs something from someone, when one must ask of another. Who can I see? Who do I want to see? Who wants to see me? Who have I bothered too much already? Who lives near? I looked into community and church dinners. Maybe the Ballard Senior Center was having a dinner tonight? I looked to see where Community Dinner was having their meal this evening. I could go to Fremont at 5:30pm for a church dinner. Hmm.

Then I got a message from Mylinda, who was at a meeting in Ballard. Close by! She said she'd be out of her meeting soon and would me for a hot toddy. Might be good for my throat. I walked the dogs and drove to meet her. Salmon Bay Eagles Aerie Club is the 1st branch of the F.O.E. (Federation of Eagles) in history. I'd heard about the F.O.E. Blues nights, but wasn't a member. Now, after wanting to peer inside for so long, Mylinda is a member and can sponsor me. Horray!

Dark inside. Heavy wood door. Taxidermy eagle in a glass case. Carved cherry wood bar. Pull tabs. Wood tables and chairs. Pool table. Dim lights. Didn't take long before I knew everyone at the bar. Nora, Christy, Steve, Mark and Gerald. Lots of history in this place. Wonder if they have room for an artist here? I later read that this F.O.E. was started by six theatre owners, gathered around talking about a musician's strike in 1898.

I ordered a hot toddy with whiskey. I was coughing. They gave me another. Two drinks is a lot for me. Still coughing. After a thoroughly enjoyable time, Mylinda, Nora and I went across the street for happy hour. Food! We split everything--ribs, tots and a hamburger. Thought about going to one of the ritzy new spots. Found them to be glassy and cold. Agreed to go to the hat (Hattie's Hat). This is what I've been missing. Society! It was an altogether satisfying evening and we ended it with a street hug.

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