Monday, November 9, 2015

Share #14: Potluck turned potpie

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It is Sunday. It is the last day of Vanessa DeWolf's beloved Studio-Current on Capitol Hill. There is a potluck to mark this ending, this beginning, to discuss the future of these people and this space. I missed it! I'd been looking forward to it all week. But I'm still coughing and struggling to breathe. It would have been irresponsible of me to attend and compromise those who were there.

Alas, but I was relying on this community. And now I have none. So many of my plans--to commune, to share, to eat--fell through this week because of my cough. It's left me with holes in my schedule and holes in my stomach, but it's highlighted my shares, made me see how much I need the people in my life, made me hungrier, helped me understand, or is it remember, my own suffering and the suffering of my community.

I was glad when Kathleen called to ask if she could do laundry. Yes please. Perhaps she'll share a meal with me? I haven't forced a meal on anyone or made them take a bite of something so I could eat. I could have done that. Or cheated. But I didn't.

There have been several occasions when I was hungry and the person I was with wasn't hungry and so I went without. But tonight it was getting on to dinner time and I'd bought a potpie at the market and here was someone coming to my house who might get hungry just like me? Was she, getting hungry? She said she'd probably be hungry in about an hour or so. O good!!! There was that Snoqualmie Creamery coconut ice-cream pulsing in the freezer too.

Kathleen had agreed to dine with me and called Lee and he was coming too. He brought red wine and  offered two bars of chocolate and a bottle of Source Naturals Wellness Formula, an herbal defense complex for my cold. I made a green salad with goat cheese and heated up Deborah's Homemade Pies chicken pot pie. What a smell to fill the house! And everything was tasty and afterwards--ice-cream! And chocolate! And a movie!

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