Sunday, November 1, 2015

Share #4: Bacon & Eggs & Brown Bread, Chicken Soup, Chicken Sausage & Steamed Vegetables

I have a head cold. I'm coughing ad sneezing and my throat is stinging and my head is aching. I'm lucky enough, in this condition, to have a dear friend who will visit me and share meals with me. I met Scottie on the Wonderland Trail in 2011 when I was performing Tahoma Kora. Since then, we've climbed and worked together and, last year, biked to Mexico together. Scottie lives in a suburb of Seattle so I only see him every few weeks for a few days before he's off again to work and I'm back in the art world or the work world. I'll count our short run of meals as one share, because I feel it constitutes one concerted effort and I want there to be more and more shares to draw me out. All weekend, while I was sick, Scottie provided me with an opportunity to eat and I provided him with food. We shared the cooking and cleaning and watched a scary movie for Halloween. I am grateful for Scottie's generosity and sincerely and for his openness and ever pre-forgiveness.

At first, for now, My Share seems easy, constant. I don't think it will continue this way, but I'm delighted to take it in, this wave of friendship and food. I let it wash over me and am grateful.

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